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Private Ambulance Service Covering The UK And Europe

specialist air ambulance jet facilitates smooth transfer of critically ill patient to medical vehicle

Heathrow Air Ambulance’s private ambulance provides a UK and European wide commercial (private) ambulance service. We task our private ambulance and fast response private ambulance cars throughout the UK and Northern Europe on a daily basis.


We have also developed a worldwide network of ground private ambulance services, with whom we have been associated with for over the thirty years that years HAA has been trading. This gives us the opportunity to offer a one stop service for ground private ambulance services in most countries with a uniform invoicing process.

HAA operates vehicles custom built to our own high and exacting standards by a major North American Ambulance Constructors. safety and comfort features within our ambulances exceed the KKK Standard, recognised as the highest in the world. All our private ambulances have air-conditioning and full life-support equipment which is constantly updated. The ambulances are used to link aircraft and hospital, front line emergency work for NHS Ambulance Trusts and are widely used for longer journeys in the UK and into Continental Europe.


Private ambulances being readied for patient transport
Stretcher inside private ambulance vehicle


Service and maintenance of our private ambulance fleet are carried out to the letter of the manufacturer's specified recommendations by our own mechanics who have attended detailed training in North America. Only genuine manufacturer's parts are used during service of our vehicles. All these factors combine to ensure that these 7.3 litre turbo charged ambulances are able to respond safely and reliably whenever needed.


Medical hi-lift vehice loading patient onbard ambulance aircraft Side view of medical hi-lift vehice loading patient onbard ambulance aircraft Medical hi-lift vehicle is used for loading patient stretchers onboard aircraft.
HAA private ambulances on standby
Medical transport vehicle in green
A red ground ambulance
HAA's fleet of medical transport vehicles
Private ambulance responding to a medical emergency


The company's fleet of private ambulances also includes three medical hi-Lift vehicles specially designed to assist in the removal of stretcher patients from air ambulance aircraft.


HAA fast response cars painted in Euro standard yellow
Private ambulance transports readied for action


Our private ambulances are designed with crash stable stretcher and patient compartment, air conditioning front and rear. Advanced interior and communications systems, combine to make these vehicles the most reliable, safe and patient orientated private ambulances available in today's private ambulance market.

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