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Heathrow Air Ambulance

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Dedicated Patient Transfer Flight Service

Our 24 hour Air Ambulance Control Centre provides a comprehensive service:

At Heathrow Air Ambulance Service our specialty service is fixed-wing jets. Your medical needs and location will factor into which plane is used for your flight. We can offer both fixed wing jets and turbo-prop aircraft options. Fixed wing or jet ambulances are used for longer flights and both offer something different for patients in need. Our modern turbo-prop aircraft are used most frequently for shorter flights and rural airfields.

For international flights or longer domestic flights, a jet powered air ambulance, like our LearJet is used. A jet powered ambulance aircaft can fly at a higher altitude than any non jet powered fixed-wing plane. It also needs to stop less for fuel. A jet-powered air ambulance is also likely larger, which means more medical equipment can be carried onto the flight. All of our planes are equipped with complete modern communications tools as well as medical equipment.


  1. Investigation, assessment and advice in cases of accident or sudden illness overseas
  2. Medical advice by our company physician, with access to specialists in the relevant field of medicine.
  3. Choosing the proper aircraft to the patient's medical needs and the flying time involved.
  4. Comprehensive aviation medical equipment.
  5. Medical teams appropriate to the patient's condition.
  6. Scheduling medical teams, air ambulances and arranging medical referral at the receiving hospital.
  7. Liaison with client throughout.
  8. All aspects of the client, care and transportation are properly insured.

Air ambulance evacuation is an extremely intricate and complex matter and is not always the answer.

It is sometimes neither in the medical interest of the patient nor within the financial means of the individual having to pay the bill. Financial pressures, however, must be resisted and all decisions taken on medical grounds, otherwise an unnecessary element of risk is introduced.

Quick and not arranged according to a clear plan or system type of air ambulance evacuations could result in costly and uncoordinated exercises to the detriment of the patient and family.

Whilst the need for air ambulance repatriation does exist, it should not be the automatic and hasty response in every case where a person has been injured or taken seriously ill in a remote area. This particularly applies to the patient who, having undergone a prescribed course of treatment for a week or so, could then by repatriated by scheduled airline service without undue risk.

Alternatively, time and money are wasted if the paramedical team arrive only to find that the patient's condition prohibits air travel altogether. Good communication from the outset will save a considerable amount of time, expense and distress.

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service is an experienced emergency service which can best determine the appropriate action that is required in the event of a medical emergency occurring overseas.

No matter what your needs, our fleet of air ambulances are available anytime you need us. Whether domestically or internationally, Heathrow Air Ambulance Service can help get you home no matter what your medical issues. our company equips each air ambulance flight with a medical staff and flight crew that will be attentive and personable to help you home safe and in comfort.