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    10 Reasons: Every Traveller Needs the Air Rescue Card™
1. Recommended by the U.S. State Department and CDC for Americans who travel abroad.
"Check your health insurance plan or purchase an additional policy that covers health and emergency medical evacuation expenses abroad. Medical evacuation is not covered by most health or travel policies if you become sick or injured away from home. Nor do Medicare or Medicaid programs provide coverage for hospital or medical care outside the United States."
2. Most health, travel and credit card insurance policies will not pay for your transport home.
Rarely do policies cover travel emergencies for people traveling outside of their home country. If they do, they will either evacuate you to the nearest appropriate medical facility or hold you liable to cover the difference between the coverage limit and the actual incurred cost. Travellers are encouraged to purchase a supplemental health insurance policy that provides guaranteed medical payments, assistance via a 24-hour physician-backed support center, and emergency medical transport, including repatriation.

3. Medical air evacuation can cost $80-100,000.
Depending on the patient's needs and location, obtaining medical treatment, hospital care and the cost of an air evacuation can be very expensive. For the cost of an Air Rescue Card™membership all of your medical evacuation costs are covered and your trip home will be free.

4. Traffic accidents abroad are the leading cause of non-fatal accidents requiring emergency transport back to U.S.
20-50 million people are injured or disabled in traffic crashes annually in foreign countries. Inadequate transportation infrastructure, unsafe and sub-standard roads and vehicles, weak enforcement of motor vehicle laws, little government investment in road safety and poor emergency medical response to accident scenes contribute to these statistics. The threat to travellers is expected to increase dramatically as worldwide economic growth gives more people access to motor vehicles.

5. Medical services abroad are often poor.
The quality of health care from overseas medical centres can be variable or sub-standard, particularly in developing countries. Some foreign hospitals may have unsafe and out-of-date facilities or unsanitary conditions. If a traveler is seriously injured, emergency care may not be available or acceptable.

6. We provide translation services and eliminate communication barriers.
In addition to the stress of an emergency while away from home, travelers may also be faced with a lack of communication, and confusion stemming from language barriers. Travel Assist Network's global locations facilitate foreign language translation for over 100 languages to help you receive the timely care you need 24/7/365.

7. Foreign physicians, hospitals frequently require full payment before you are discharged.
Travel Assist Network guarantees admission and facilitates discharge from any hospital in the world. If necessary, we advance payment for medical bills. Primary health plans require you to pay up front for services and then fill out forms to request reimbursement. Travel Assist Network ensures all up-front hospital payments are taken care of, so you receive the immediate medical attention you require. We have no claim forms to fill out and no reimbursements to be settled.

8. Air Rescue Card™ memberships are available to citizens of any country or of any age.
Our Air Rescue Card provides coverage worldwide no matter what your country of residence. There are no age restrictions for our coverage and no paperwork to fill out regarding medical or health disclosure.

9. We maintain a comprehensive global network.
Our Call Center is the world's largest, most active center for assisting members globally. We have 40 offices worldwide, a local presence in 75 countries, and 5,000 global resources. Travel Assist Network's 24/7/365 customer care hotline is available as your primary travel, emergency and non-emergency resource.

10. Our track record speaks for itself.
Our extensive experience includes successful air evacuations from 190 countries, patient transport involving hurricanes, stroke, internal injuries, SARS, airborne diseases and a variety of other illnesses and injuries. Our medical experts are exceptionally qualified for first-response, trauma, emergency and aeromedicine, and managed by our nationally-recognized Medical Directors. Travel Assist Network will ensure the timely return to your home hospital or hospital of choice.

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