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Euro Yellow, The New Colour For UK Ambulances

Ambulances in the UK are to be repainted yellow to bring them into line with Europe.

The new colour will be adopted across the continent to make the emergency vehicles commonly recognize in every country.

The aim is to make the roads safer for ambulance crews, patients, motorists and pedestrians.

Ambulances throughout the UK are currently white with reflective yellow and green markings.

The fleets have carried that distinct colour for more than 50 years.

But research carried out by ambulance services across Europe found it is vital that emergency vehicles be instantly recognisable anywhere. They discovered that people’s eye’s response to any particular hue reaches a peak with the colour ‘Euro Yellow RAL 1016.’

The research was carried out on behalf of the European Committee for Standardisation, which promotes voluntary technical harmonisation of products and services in Europe.

It is hoped the new colour will help stop misunderstandings in countries such as France – where other Europeans often mistake the red ambulances for fire engines.

Standard colour for UK ambulances