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Prince William, His Air Ambulance, Tech and Terror Threat




Prince WilliamPrince William chopper

Every royal event calls for celebration there and there’s always a mad fan following that gives the members of the royal family a celebrity status; of course, Prince William is the most famous of them. All this media focus has led to a few security threats to the Prince, which although not intentional, is pretty serious in nature. The threat has come in the form of an app that’s just 2.99 British pounds and has raised a security issue.

The App called Flightradar 24 is capable of tracking William’s air ambulance helicopter every time it takes off. For the Prince’s fans this could be fun way to know whether their favorite idol is flying overhead. The 2.99-pound app can locate the chopper when it’s flying at speeds of 150 miles per hour.

The security concern, however, is that this simple app can be used by terrorists to track the movements of the Prince on the job. Most air ambulance choppers fly at about 1500 feet from the ground. This means a terrorist can reach the air ambulance with lethal weapons like shoulder-fired missiles easily. Even a high-quality drone can cause some serious damage.

Even worse, it was reported that the details were even being published on a website. Such information could be worthy intelligence info for a terrorist looking for opportunities.