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BA to Get More A380s?

 Airbus A380

Airbus has a growing challenge with its very slow A380 program.  Not only are airlines ordering them more slowly than hoped for, but Emirates – its largest A380 customer – is putting ever greater pressure on Airbus to come up with an updated improved A380 with better engines and better operating economy.  Emirates has ordered 140 of the 317 A380s Airbus has received orders for, and still has 71 of those planes pending delivery. Continue reading

Ep. 4 of ITIJ TV – Global Travel & Health Insurance News

“More accidents occurring in off-limits areas of Japanese ski slopes as more travelers enter the country uninsured…”

“Research shows business travelers’ perception of security and medical risks is affected by media coverage of major incidents…”

“Four men were arrested in India recently for trying to defraud their travel insurer of US $20,000…”

These headlines and more plus an Interview on travel security risks and the reaction of travel insurers to terror attacks are featured in Episode 4 of ITIJ TV, based on issue 180 of ITIJ, the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal. It is now available at