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Japan Airlines Has Launched A JAL Doctor Registration System

JAL flight

Japan Medical Association (JMA) and Japan Airlines (JAL) has launched JAL Doctor Registration System last February 2016. Doctors with Medical Doctor Qualification Certificate issued by JMA can make a registration in this system beforehand. The purpose of launching this system is to promptly provide a suddenly sick passenger with first aid by the registered doctor on board. JAL will become the first airline to introduce this system in Japan.

“Following the recent issuance of Medical Doctor Qualification Certificate (IC card) certifying one’s qualification as a medical doctor, JAL is pleased to work with JMA to develop a new registration system aiming to protect public health and provide support for safe and secure air transport. The JAL Doctor Registration System was created in response to JMA’s proposal. JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) members with Medical Doctor Qualification Certificate are encouraged to register in this system on the JMB website. With their registrations in this system, JAL flight attendants will be able to directly ask the registered doctor on board to provide first aid to passengers who become sick accidentally. This new system will further enhance the airline’s capability to ensure the provision of more prompt and appropriate medical treatment if sick related issue happened during the flights.

Achieved Improvements to the on-board emergency medical treatment as follows:

– Liability insurance coverage for medical practitioners who responds to a call for medical assistance.

– Round-the-clock availability for receiving proper medical advices from emergency physicians working at Tokyo’s affiliated medical call centers for all JAL flights around the world.

– Expanding the range of in-flight drugs and medical devices since JAL first introduced on-board medical kits in 1993, and introducing Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in all domestic and international aircrafts in October 2001 to further improve the on-board emergency aid system.

– Introducing pulse oximeters for blood oxygen saturation level measurement and electronic sphygmomanometers in all domestic and international aircrafts starting January 2016.*

*Excluding code-share flights operated by the other airlines.”

JMA and JAL will continue to enhance collaboration in order to provide customers with a better on-board emergency aid system and safe, comfortable flights.

News source: Air Transport News.