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Working in Partnership with the NHS


We are proud to work in partnership with the NHS in several fields of transportation of the sick and injured: Here are some examples of how we may help.




HAA ground and air ambulance HAA ground and air ambulance being readied



Bed Blocking:


We can assist bed managers by repatriating foreign nationals back to their home country to continue long term treatment or rehabilitation. An example is a recent air ambulance mission we completed for a young Lithuanian who was badly beaten and had extensive head injuries, from the East End of London, we were able to return him home for long term rehabilitation. The cost to the NHS PCT was substantially less than continuing his treatment in the UK. The patient was happy to be in his own country with his family and no doubt it will contribute to his recovery. We are now doing regular repatriations for PCT's country wide.


The critically ill patient looking to be moved to centres of excellence for treatment or returning to their own area within UK and Ireland. Again we move NHS patients within the UK by air using mainly fixed wing aircraft, but occasionally helicopters. This is a cost effective way of moving your patient to you for treatment or returning a patient back to their own area. The benefits of using our service are many, to the patient, a quick and efficient movement across country. As an example we can transfer a patient from London to Edinburgh using local airfields with a flight time of a little over one and a half hours. The obvious benefits of low risk time for the patient against many hours by road.

We can offer the NHS a bed to bed transfer, liaising with both the treating and receiving teams, organising ground transportation if required. And of course making sure we have the right flight crew for the mission.


air ambulance jet checked for take off air ambulance jet flight at sunset

air ambulance jet taxiing at Heathrow airport tarmac

Ambulance Blocking:

Ambulance Stacking at Accident and Emergency Departments.



Let us help relieve your A & E department at high patient traffic times at your hospital. We can, on a day by day basis facilitate our MCU to your A & E It is fully equipped, heated and air conditioned, with two or more fully trained IHCD trained ambulance technicians, paramedics or nurses. The vehicle can accommodate up to eight stretcher cases and seated patients. It is serviced by two hydraulic lifts.     


We would become a feeder to your casualty department, taking over the care of patients arriving by ambulance, handling the paperwork and working with your Triage staff. This would allow much needed ambulance resources back into the system and alleviate over crowding in the department.

Ambulance bus for medical cover

Medical transport bus interiorMedical equipment onboard HAA bus air ambulance bus comfort room inside air ambulance bus air ambulance bus transport


Ground ambulances ready for 24 hour emergency response calls